Describe a Person Who You Think Wears Unusual Clothes

Describe a Person Who You Think Wears Unusual Clothes (4) (1)

Describe a person who you think wears unusual clothes

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Most people prefer to wear clothes in accordance with fashion because they want to be updated with the changes that are happening in the fashion industry and also what they wear reveals a lot about their personality, but there are a few people out there who wear different or unusual clothes, and I would take this opportunity to talk about the eminent American singer and songwriter lady Gaga, Who always or mostly wear unusual clothes. Like million others, I am an ardent fan of her, and I frequently follow her on every social media platform; in the meanwhile, I used to subscribe to her YouTube channel for getting updated regarding the new music videos. I must say her dressing style 8s so different that I have never seen her dressed up like a normal woman.

There are so many things that make her outfits uncommon or unusual. Firstly, if I talk about the style of clothes most celebrities prefer to wear party wear or maxi dresses with or without sleeves. But lady Gaga mostly wear attires with lots of extra fitting such as some kind of protrusion or bumps all over the outfit. For instance, she used to wear a bubble dress for last year red carpet, which consisted of lots of bubbles throughout her body. I personally believe she wants to be a trendsetter. She wants to change the perception of society about clothes. Sometimes she conveyed a message to society by her tedious looks.

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Question 1:- Where do People normally buy clothes?

Answer –  Well, I think nowadays people often buy clothes from online platforms than offline due to the pandemic; people are Moore aware regarding the spread of the virus and isolating themselves without going out unnecessarily. so I think online platforms outweigh offline

Question 2:- The difference between men’s and women’s choices of clothes?


Answer – The first thing that came into my mind is men’s are more into darker colours than light versions, but women prefer to wear pastel greens, turquoise blue and so on…And also I think men give more preference to comfort whereas women’s always tend to buy a dress which gives them a kind of confidence and prestige.

Question 3:- Do clothes affect people’s moods?

Answer – absolutely sometimes clothes can also trigger some mood disabilities. Some people always prefer to wear their lucky dress for the interviews or exams. It’s more like their emotional status depended on that particular dress. Additionally, some people don’t like the darker colour, so some colours have the potential to up and down the mood.

Question 4:- What do people consider when buying clothes?

Answer – well, obviously people consider the money and colour of the dress then the material finally opting for trying out .. .if the dress is satisfying the needs ours we will definitely send the pictures from the trial room to our loved ones for getting approval. If they approve, we will buy the dress; otherwise, not. I believe this many things we consider while buying a cloth.

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