Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Describe a time when a restaurant provided you bad food service

Thank You, I would like to tell You I bout my worst experience ever when I ordered a menu in the restaurant. It was 2 weeks ago, and I visited the biggest fast-food company in the world called MCD. I ordered a big meal on my menu because I don’t have enough time to enjoy it.
After I paid the cashier, I waited about 5 minutes. The servant gave me the order of my Big Meal. But I am shocked by the view of my burger, It looks small, and there was no vegetable on my burger. Then, I moved to the cashier and complained about my order. Furthermore, the cashier gave me an answer that makes me angry. He said that the vegetables were empty so that the restaurant cannot serve as the same as the picture. That makes me throw my emotion at the cashier and write the complaint note in the Customer Service box.

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Question1. What kind of services are bad services?

Answer – Well, in my experience, the service could be bad because the seller cannot serve the customers as the customer’s want. For instance, when we buy something, we also expect the quality. But sometimes sellers just take the profit, and they don’t care about the quality.

Question 2. Why do some people choose to remain silent when they receive bad services?

Answer – I thought some customers prefer to be silent because they are busies people, so they don’t have enough time to complain. Others will choose no to come back to the last seller and move to the other sellers. What is more? I think they don’t want to have a problem with others, so they keep silent with their complaint.

Question 3. Who should be responsible for bad services?

Answer – I thought the seller should be. If the sellers can handle bad services from their customers, they would get many customers shortly because the seller’s image was built to be trusted.

Question 4. As a boss, what would you do to prevent bad services?

Answer – I will throw the questionnaires to my customers in one year to confirm that my business full-fill the customer needs.

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