Describe a Time When You Changed Your Opinion

Describe a Time When You Changed Your Opinion (3) (1)

Describe a time when you changed your opinion

Sample Answer of Describe a Time When You Changed Your Opinion

Taking a decision is plays the most important role in the life of human beings. Here, I would like to talk about a time when I was changed my opinion suddenly. About six months ago, I had spent my summer vacation at home. My brother was also coming from his hostel. I was planning to go outside for spending summer vacation. I was decided to go to Shimla because In these hottest days, Shimla is the best place for visiting but My brother and all other my family members were not agreed with me. So, I was decided to change my opinion about Shimla. Furthermore, I was decided to go to Amritsar after listening to the views of each family member. Finally, I visited Amritsar with my family and enjoyed it a lot there. Therefore, I felt very happy with changed my opinion because that opinion was not only for me, and my whole family was also included in it.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time When You Changed Your Opinion

Question 1:- Do children like to change opinions?

Answer:- Yes definitely, in my opinion, children always like to change opinions because sometimes, I take wrong decisions in the shortage of time which gives bad results in the end.

Question 2:- Why do people change their opinion?

Answer:- There are a large number of reasons behind changing their opinion. Sometimes, people are forced by another person. So that they decide to change their opinion. Sometimes, the decision which took by people in shortage of time also forces them to change their opinion.

Question 3:- Who do young people turn to for advice?

Answer:- Young people always should take advice from their older ages or Guardians because they have more experience of life as compared to young people. So that advice always proves more beneficial.

Question 4:- Do people like giving an opinion about politics?

Answer:- yes, people always like giving an opinion about politics. In the modern era, everyone wants to involve in politics. Some are involved directly, and some are involved in politics indirectly. They give preference to it as compared to other works.

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