Describe a Time When You Saw a Wild Animal

Describe a Time When You Saw a Wild Animal

Describe a Time When You Saw a Wild Animal

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India is a diverse country, a plethora of animals seen in India, and some are wild, some are farm while some are aquatic. I love adventure, nature, and animals. Today I would like to talk about when I showed a wild animal, a white tiger. 3 years ago, after completing the school exam, I felt bored sitting home with any daily routine. Thus, I forge a plan to go to Junagadh with my school friends.

Junagadh is not far away from our hometown, it’s just 200 KM, and we went there by train, firstly we decided to visit sakkarbaug park, which is famous for wild animals, especially for the white tiger. When we reach there, we book tickets, and the organization yields us one book with tickets; in that book, all park’s animals wisdom printed, I have this book presently.

After that, we entered, and after some period, we saw a white tiger. It was in a cage. White tigers are very popular in entertainment because of their distinctive color. Compared to the common Bengal tiger, white tigers grow faster and are heavier at birth and adulthood. A male white tiger can weigh up to 300 kilograms, and it can grow up to 3 meters in length.

Female white tigers are smaller, about 200 kilograms, and their head to tail length is up to 2.6 meters. A host of people visit there, especially for white tiger, it has blue eyes. Later we saw several animals and birds.

In Junagadh, we went to several places, and we enjoyed that quality of time, especially with friends.

Follow-Ups Describe a Time When You Saw a Wild Animal

Question 1 Besides the animal you just spoke about, what other wild animals are there in your country (or around where you live)?

Answer – As I said earlier, India is a diverse country. There are numerous wild animals such as elephants, zebra, lions, deer, leopards, giraffes, monkeys any many more.

Question 2 In general, how do people in your country feel about wild animals?

Answer – Indian people love to see wild animals, and they visit zoos for that; some are also afraid of wild animals while some hunt animals for their parts.

Question 3 In general, what is the attitude of people in your country towards wild animals?

Answer – In my country, some people worship them while some are scared of them; thus, they avoid seeing wild animals, some hunt them for their body parts. Furthermore, some love to see them, whenever I go to zee I’d seen a huge rush for it.

Question 4 Do you like (all) wild animals? (Why?/Why not?)

Answer – Yes, I do; I also watch national geographic and discovery channels.

Question 5 In general, do you think people like wild animals?

Answer – Yes, as I said earlier, a host of people love to see wild animals in zoos, as well as people also like to show wild animals programs on Discovery and the national geographic channel.

Question 6 Are there any wild animals that you dislike? Why?

Answer – I am afraid of many animals, but I like all wild animals; I am also afraid to get close to them in reality.

Question 7 In your country, are people’s attitudes towards wild animals today the same as people’s attitudes in the past?

Answer – In the past, people are not aware of the importance of animals. Thus, people hunt animals as hobbies while some worship wild animals. Nowadays, people are more educated and have erudition that wild animals are part of the natural lifecycle, and there are pivotal.

Question 8 What about lions and tigers, do you like them?

Answer – Yes, I like them, but as I said, I am afraid to get close in reality.

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