Describe One Time when The Weather Changed Your Plan

Describe One Time when The Weather Changed Your Plan (2) (1)

Describe one time when the weather changed your plan; You should say:

Sample Answer of Describe One Time when The Weather Changed Your Plan

I remember the last time the weather changed my plan, and it was when I was still in college. A 10-year old motorcycle was my sole transportation back then. Thus I often have to arrange my trip accordingly to the weather condition. On quite a few occasions, the one that I remember the most was when my college friend and I arranged a plan for a motorcycle convoy to the highland countryside situated about 30 kilometres south of Jakarta.

My college friends and I were still at the classes that we had to attend. It was Friday classes, and we intended to make a straightforward trip in the evening so we could arrive before the day changed and have enough time to find a guesthouse. We were so disappointed; just moments after we finished all the classes at 5 PM, the cloudy weather started to rain and turn into a thunderstorm. Considering that all of us only use motorcycles, we decided to wait until the thunderstorm ended. Unfortunately, we were stuck at the college building until it was almost 9 PM, about 4 hours until our latest class ended.

Finally, knowing that it was way too late at night if we still wanted to follow the original plan, we decided to go back to our homes and delay the trip until the following day. Thankfully, the sky the next day was as clear as crystal. We gathered around 6 AM at the college and went on to have a perfectly fun trip to our destination before going back home on Sunday.

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