One Way to Solve the Problem of Congestion Is to Increase the Tax on Private Vehicles

One Way to Solve the Problem of Congestion Is to Increase the Tax on Private Vehicles (1)

One way to solve the problem of congestion is to increase the tax on private vehicles. Do the advantages of this solution outweigh its disadvantages?

In this modern era, a plethora of modern gadgets and devices have been developed for easy transportation. Some people believe that it would reduce complications regarding traffic congestion if a high amount of tax is added on personal automobiles. While there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with this topic, however, the positive aspects take precedence over the drawbacks.

Admittedly, people may feel discomfort utilizing public transportation. Moreover, they cannot do their job conveniently as they cannot get easy access to automobiles due to extra taxes. Similarly, it would be very time consuming while traveling by buses and trains. For example, the driver tends to go to the destination on the basis of their convenience, and sometimes the conductor behaves very rudely.

Despite some cons, there are enormous benefits of increasing tax on private transport for lowering congestion. Firstly, in the context of Nepal, almost every individuals are price conscious, so they would not buy automobiles which are very expensive. Similarly, more than half of the residents of my country are of a middle-class families, which means that people may not get enough money to purchase those vehicles. Meanwhile, the traffic congestion would be the bare minimum. Furthermore, it would be difficult for companies to produce such vehicles, which would, for instance, make it impossible to own personal automobiles. As a result, rising taxes not only decrease congestion but also enhance the quality environment with low pollution.

To recapitulate, I would therefore argue that although there are disadvantages of upgrading tax on private vehicles, they are outweighed by the benefits enrolled in it.

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