Some People Believe that Everyone Has a Right to Have Access to University Education and That Governments

Some People Believe that Everyone Has a Right to Have Access to University Education and That Governments (1) (1)

Some people believe that everyone has a right to have access to university education and that governments should make it free for all students no matter what financial background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Almost everyone in society is striving to get a cost-free education from the top universities and demanding the officials to implement the scheme irrespective of their financial status. I strongly agree with the statement and elaborate my views in the context of supporting the above statement and thus lead to a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, The state and central government education authorities have to introduce a new rule related to free education. In other words, some rich families can join their children and get quality education from reputed colleges, and people with low income will not be able to join in these types of colleges, and thus the country is lacking talented people. I feel that education is a right that should be equal to all, whether they have a low or high income.

Furthermore, Nowadays it is observed that there are a cost increment in almost all the consumer goods, groceries and education fees too. For example, The institutions are concentrating on getting income and promoting their business status rather than providing the quality of education. Therefore, Even high-end families are not able to afford the fees structure of the top universities. Undoubtedly, these colleges are making parents pay for other curricular activities. As a result, no one is getting an education from top universities. I feel that government have to focus and should grant access to all the students to get education from the top universities irrespective of reservation financial status.

To conclude, people demand the authorities pay less education for their kids in the high-end universities. In my opinion, the statement was acceptable, and it is responsible for the government to educate the students and recognize their talent of them.

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