Some People Feel that Children Should Be Educated in Single-Sex Schools

Some People Feel that Children Should Be Educated in Single-Sex Schools (1)

Some people feel that children should be educated in single-sex schools; others argue that mixed schools are better. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Co educating schools are effective for the learning and character building of children. A part of the population considers it useful to learn in a bisexual system, whereas others disagree and prefer a unisexual learning system. This essay will discuss both aspects and explain why coeducation is preferable to the single-gender learning system.

Uni sexual education provides comfort as well as more social opportunities to the children. Students felt more comfortable while studying with the same gender population. A girl, for instance, can ask for help from the other girl with much ease. It also enhances social activities. For example, there are pretty many chances for boys sharing the same attitude to hang around. In this manner, chances for socialism increase.

On the other hand, coeducation enhance the child’s confidence and ability to survive in society. A boy, for instance, in the bisexual education system, learn the difference between behaving with a girl and a boy. Moreover, the variation in gender increases the confidence to talk with different students. For example, dealing with different attitudes is challenging and requires skills to cope with it. Thus, coeducation provides the medium to polish character building skills.

In a nutshell, this essay has discussed the effectiveness of the unisexual as well as bisexual schooling system and thus concede that coeducation is far more beneficial as compared to single-gender schools.

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