Some People Say that We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events

Some People Say that We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events (6) (1)

Some people say that we are spending too much money on personal events such as weddings and birthdays. Why is it important to celebrate these events? Do you think we are spending too much money?

Money is an essential element for everyone in this world. It is indubitable that the majority of people started celebrating their life events more lavishly in a way that they can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for their marriages and birthday parties. This essay will discuss the significance of celebrating these events and argue why many have become ready to spend more money.

It is absolutely evident that certain life events occur once in a lifetime, and while few people wish to celebrate and capture such phenomenal occasions to treasure these memories, others prefer to showcase their status. To begin with, High preference is given to these life-changing events where a certain category of people celebrate in such a way that they want these memories to last forever. For instance, an average middle-class couple could also be seen spending large amounts of money in pre and post-wedding photoshoots abroad. Furthermore, the other group of people wants to celebrate their birthdays or baby showers to demonstrate their rich status to society and feel proud enough in front of their relatives and friends. Therefore, the celebration of special days has become an ultimate trend that myriad people are following.

Although these occasions can be celebrated perfectly with less money, hordes of people prefer to commemorate by pouring thousands of dollars; this could be because of two possible reasons. Firstly, a vast majority of people have become affluent than ever before, and spending such large amounts of money can be easily affordable for them. For instance, an average family who could save a monthly budget of just $1000 a decade ago is now able to save $5000. Secondly, many adults, who had immensely influenced by the extravagant lifestyles of celebrities from the sports and film industries, are emulating the celebrations of these stars by lavishly spending excess money. If this was not the case, people would have spent money on other essential factors like helping the poor and donating to the needy.

In conclusion, whilst celebrating certain special occasions and making them more memorable is an absolutely necessary aspect of a human, I believe that the majority of people started spending huge amounts of money than ever before because of their higher incomes and the influence from celebrities.

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