Talk About a Person You Know Who Shows Their Feelings Very Openly

Talk About a Person You Know Who Shows Their Feelings Very Openly (1)

Talk about a person you know who shows their feelings very openly / Describe a person who you think is very open; You should say

Sample Answer of Talk About a Person You Know Who Shows Their Feelings Very Openly

Well, in my opinion, to tell the feeling openly nowadays are very difficult to express feeling because people don’t want to tell their feelings openly to everyone but in my family, my mother is very open-minded speak very openly to everyone.

For example, one day I have cooked the food for my family I had added a lot of salt to it, so she spoke to me directly that you have added more salt in food this is what generally the truth to everyone and even if some relatives or friends come to take the advice from her she frankly speak to them directly and tell them to change think you need to change your behaviour so all the people are aware that she is very open to everyone so they all understand that it is nice that they one can share that feeling they can go to them and they know that she will speak openly and truth to them and I also feel very proud of my mother is very open-minded and always tell the truth to everyone instead of giving any false belief.

Follow-Ups of Talk About a Person You Know Who Shows Their Feelings Very Openly

Question 1. Is it difficult for Indian people to express their feelings?

Answer:- Yes, it is difficult for Indian people to express their feelings because they are not aware that everyone should understand them, and feeling is something that is unique for each person, so they don’t want to share with anyone who does not trust him so that reason it is difficult to share the feelings and also they are unable to share feelings with close friends because they know that they will not understand their feelings and at the end, they get hurt.

Question 2. Who do you think will talk more? Children or grown-ups?

Answer:-  Yes, in my opinion, young children talk more than adults because young children have lots of questions in mind when they play sports and talk with their friends and watch any movie or cartoon on the television. They question the parents that how this will work and what we need to do, and they asked such questions because they are very real very new to the world, so they need to understand how things take place and what we need to do well how we need to do on the other hand grown-ups know about the details of each and everything, so they don’t have many such questions to ask and to talk about so young children are very talkative than the adults.

Question 3. What do you think is the difference between boys and girls in expressing their feelings?

Answer:- Yes, there is a difference in expressing the feeling between man and the woman because in my opinion men are not very open-minded to express their feelings to everyone because they do not trust everyone that he or she will share their feelings with other, while on the other hand women are very open-minded days in telling feeling true to everyone, they are very confident that he or she might not share their feelings to the others so this is what the main difference between am between man and expressing feelings.

Question 4. Do you think people are more open than in the past?

Answer:- I think that people are more open than open nowadays in the past because very people speak to everyone because during past they usually are not very open to speaking to everyone because of bias in the society, but the trend is changing nowadays people are open to express their feeling and speak to everyone without any problem. People are more open-minded in expressing their feeling than in the past.

Question 5. Why do you think people are less open?

Answer:- Yes, some people do not openly speak to everyone because they have limitations in their families that you don’t need to talk with the other gender and so because of the rules and limitations, they would not be able to express feelings and talk to others because of this they just sit back and keep their feelings in the mind only and do not share to everyone and also they don’t feel comfortable to share the things to the others to home which you do not know them very nicely.

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