Talk About the Advice You Received From Someone Very Helpful

Talk about the advice you received from someone very helpful (1)

Talk about the advice you received from someone very helpful. Please say

Sample Answer of Talk About the Advice You Received From Someone Very Helpful

A year ago, there was an advice that helped me to overcome one of the biggest matters related to the quarter-life crisis, precisely about love and affair. This interesting advice came from my best friend, who was slumped into that situation a year earlier. I was often getting on my nerves with my ex-girlfriend back then after indications of her cheating on me. The advice given by my best friend was really simple yet effective, break up and move on as this kind of toxic relationship will do my mental health no good. So I decided to pull the trigger, but all of the things about her and me to an end. I felt that things were going south at first, but eventually, I managed to overcome it. Now, I never looked back and lived my life to the fullest.

Follow ups of Talk About the Advice You Received From Someone Very Helpful

Question 1:- Do you often get advice from older people?

Answer:- In my workplace, there are a few older persons that I worked with and formed a close bond with. One of them is my direct manager, a woman in her early fifties with a vast amount of experience managing people. In addition to professional matters, she often gave me suggestions to excel in both career and personal lives.

Question 2:- – Do you like to advise others?

Answer:- Giving advice to another human being is something that I love. Especially suggestions for youngsters who are still in universities. I often spoke in some seminars related to youth empowerment, and I always try to motivate the attendees by telling stories about my experiences, from which I emphasized suggestions for them. They have shown eagerness to improve by attending seminars. Therefore I really wanted them to succeed not only in their personal life but also in their future professional career.

Question 3:- – Why don’t many people follow good advice?:

Answer:- I think not many persons find it interesting when they hear good suggestions to improve their lives. Such advice might try to push them out of their comfort zones, and persons might not welcome it well as they are gonna be imposed with the risk of living tougher life than when they were in their comfort zones. Perceived pessimism regarding the advice also plays some part if someone who gave the advice didn’t have enough convincing credentials. Even if the advice given is the good one, the listeners will doubt that it will lead to the betterment of their journey in life.

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