Why More Young People Study Abroad than In Their Home Country

Why More Young People Study Abroad than In Their Home Country (2) (1)

Why More Young People Study Abroad than In Their Home Country. Discuss the reasons why more young people study abroad than in their home country.

In this contemporary era, a Plethora of students wants to study abroad due to several reasons. I will discuss my points in subsequent paragraphs.

To embark upon. Why do plenty of students migrate abroad for study purposes? There are several reasons behind it, first of all. It is worth considering that Foreign universities provide many opportunities to students and the standard of study is also at the peak level than India. Apart from it, if they are studying there, then they can learn how to earn and how to stay independent. Moreover, they can easily get a renowned job. For instance, Those who pursue their study in foreign countries receive a good package as compared to the Indian masses. Even they don’t have to struggle more for a job, and they can easily get the job.

Illustrating further, Growing in foreign countries is not tougher at all instead of living in your own country. In addition to it. Young people have more amenities and dreams. Without earning, they can not even fulfil their desires. So they always think that if we migrate abroad then we can easily learn to earn money there and our desires can easily be fulfilled without depending on others. For example, researchers reported that approximately 70 per cent of individuals go there for settlement of life. They always want to live a luxurious life. These people are more agile. At last, they can easily adapt there without getting panicked. They have the legal freedom to live their own life. They easily inculcate everything in a smarter way and seem to be more confident than earlier.

To conclude, Due to more opportunities, High scope, healthier life, higher standard of study etcetera they want to go abroad. So the advantages of foreign studies outweigh the disadvantages.

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