In Many Workplaces, Online Communication Is Getting More Common than Meeting Face to Face

In many workplaces, online communication is getting more common than meeting face to face. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Digitalization has transformed the 21st century into a magnificent era. A benefit of this shift is the progressive improvisation of communication around the globe. Owing to this, people are getting interacted electronically rather than manually. This trend has an equal number of demerits as well as merits, which are elucidated below.

A bunch of significant advantages of wireless communication is speed, flexibility, and, importantly, cost-effectiveness. To explain in detail, Firstly, modernization has opened new doors of creativity, and one among them is the internet. Due to the ease of accessibility, people tend to bet works, organize meetings, and even perform rituals on the internet. Consequently, instead of conducting a meeting by gathering people, workplaces prefer computer-assisted applications that can be operated with added acceleration. Secondly, international organizations can perform their meticulous tasks and meeting irrespective of their different time zones due to online momentum and availability.

The other edge of this technological advancement is minimal capital investment. For instance, funding for workers can be controlled given meetings. Instead of which a one-time investment of electronic gadgets can be installed that carry out the work effortlessly.

On the flip side, the drawbacks which occur due to this wired communication are many. One such thing is the tone of delivery. To quote an example, English is a flexible language. The content delivered depends on the viewership. Sometimes, the message is wrongly conveyed due to the fault in language. This can be controlled in the face to face communication. Another impediment is the quality of work diminishes when the interaction is just through computers. For example, when a company orders cloth for their clothing industry when they do not test it with touch, and deals are closed online. The end product may vary, eventually leading to the downfall of their business.

To sum up, even though in the millennial era, articulation is merely online, it can be effective through an amalgamative effort of both eyes to the eye as well as electronic operation.

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