Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done but You Haven’t

Talk about something interesting your friend has done, but you haven’t.

  • What is it?
  • When did your friend do it?
  • And explain why you want to do it?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done, but You Haven’t

My friends have done a massive of things in their life so far which most of them are unachievable for me. Here I would like to talk about one such incident that my friend Akshaya had done, which was sewing the dress without the machine. I haven’t seen anyone sewing without seeking the help of machines. My mother practised sewing for more than 20 years, and she earned some money from that as well. But my friend Akshay has thill skill of sewing by hand, it was so quick, and she cut down the cloth, made it into the desired shape and started to sew. She has more knowledge of the spatial, line and angles. She was literally a living instruments box. She can make different types of Angles and lines without the help of the scale. She still did this make her after entrepreneurs; she made save the dates on the embroidery hoops as well, she is really diligent and dedicated. She tried a lot to teach me regarding different sewing methods and embroidery but still I haven’t get on to that track, but when I see her finished works, it makes palpable pressure from inside out to do practice again and again…Then I can stitch my dress with desired latter and figures.

Follow-ups Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done, but You Haven’t

Question 1. why some things are most interesting for a person?

Answer – I would say it’s individual preferences actually and we can spot this preference in all aspects of one’s life favourite colour, food, movies, actors the list will go on… it’s more because might they make a relatable connection with them ..or it might make them interesting or captured their attraction or moreover satisfied them…For instance, when we have our favourite food, it gives us a sort of happiness and satisfaction and when we fit a drivers licence if they do interested in driving this licence is mandatory and getting that is a bonus.

Question 2. Do your friends help you to fulfil your desires?

Answer – Absolutely, my friends are always back of me, and I can sense their presence during my thick and thin times…Even if they can’t fulfil my desire, they keep motivate me to do everything that I want

Question 3. Is it necessary to do certain things at the right time?

Answer – Indeed, we should do some things in the right way and right time. If we fail to do regression make us vulnerable.

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