As the Population of a Nation Increases, New Houses Are Needed

As the population of a nation increases, new houses are needed. Do you think it is better to build new houses in the countryside or in the cities?

Due to the rise in the population of a country, new shelters are in demand. It is my opinion that it should build in the countryside instead of in cities. Firstly, this essay will discuss that how people can create employment and take advantage of living in the rural side. Secondly, it will create a balance of both area’s residents.

It is obvious that many houses should be constructed in cities. Moreover, it can be included various opportunities to create new enterprises. If more and more people live in rural areas, it is more likely that some employers open up the business for the locality. As a result, this can cause a number of jobs such as doing work in the supermarkets. To further explain this, the Woodland work Centre study (2014) revealed that 82% of companies who design products for common people are concerned to make buildings in that places where large communities exist. Therefore, villages also need many individuals to attract the attention of big firms.

Why is it worth staying in villages? The reason behind this is that it maintains stability between both sides. It is being fascinated towards cities, owing to its facilities like, schools, colleges, making it enormously crowdy. When individuals start to purchase accommodation in villages, it would be helpful for urban areas to be less congested. One report of the recent survey shows that approximately 62% of land in cities is covered by residents, which should be shifted to another place.

In conclusion, as much as possible, it is the responsibility of citizens to make homes in countryside for business progress over their also for fifty-fifty space will divide into both sides.

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