Some People Say Cultural Traditions Are Destroyed

Some people say cultural traditions are destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others say this is the only way to save such traditions. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Cultural Heritage has a great benefit to society as they showcase our culture and history of the traditions. Some groups of people think that cultural traditions are damaged when used just for the sake of money-earning attractions for the tourists. At the same time, others argue that it is the best way to retain traditions in society. Ideas enunciated further in my discourse will discuss both views and my point of view.

On the one hand, many people say that cultural traditions are becoming money gaining an appealing place for the International tourists due to the fact that in order to signify and have the presence of our cultural heritage all over the world, so it is essential to charge some amount of money for our cultural traditions and that money would also be used for development and maintenance of the heritage place. For instance, India Gate in Mumbai has a dignify importance of our cultural heritage in the society. Still, they also charge money for the entry ticket from the tourist in order to see this place, so it would be helpful in order to preserve the place in a systematic way.

On the other hand, other groups of people argue that charging expenses from the tourist is the only way to retain our traditions and culture in the community owing to the fact that without this, it is impossible to pull the tourist to see our culture because they feel that if there are no charges for the heritage places, then it would not be worth to see that traditional place. Cost earned from tourism will help the country because cultural tourism play’s a significant role in contributing to society.

To conclude, in my opinion, it is essential to charge some amount of cost for our cultural heritage so that it would be maintained and developed at regular interval and it presences and popularization will retain our traditions in the populations.

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