Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Only Way to Solve Environmental

Increasing the price of petrol is the only way to solve environmental problems. Do you agree or disagree?

Environmental pollution is a greater concern in today’s society. Some people think that increase in the prices of fuel will help in resolving the issue. In my opinion, I think this may help to a small extent, but it is not the ultimate solution.

The increase in petrol prices may help environmental pollution to some degree, but it is not the ultimate solution. An increase in the petrol prices will lead to less use of their personal transportation, which decelerates the quality of air pollution. Lower use of transportation will lead to less congested roads and light traffic. Besides, a hike in fuel prices may not fully decrease environmental pollution. Still, it could affect transportation costs, which hampers the industries to increase the prices of the commodities. This will indirectly affect the poor and the middle-class families.

The government must take other measures to overcome the problem. A better option is to invest in renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and tide rather than non- renewable sources like petrol and coal. In countries like the USA, the government installed solar panels for less use of energy consumption. The government must organize e-bikes at different stations and bus stops so people could be encouraged to use them, and this will also help in improving the health conditions like obesity.

To conclude, hiking petrol prices is not a suitable option to decrease the environmental pollution. Improving the efficiency of public transport and investing in renewable sources of energy is a better alternative to follow.

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