Some People Say Cultural Traditions Are Destroyed

Some people say cultural traditions are destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others say this is the only way to save such traditions. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Our nation had a vital role in the world map due to its prolonged diversity. Cultural, traditional, social, and economic aspects are coming under this. For the last decades, foreigners were attracted and deeply influenced by our traditional and cultural values. Money marketers are the culprits of the relevant fields and due to them, these prominent fields are in the stage of decline.

To begin with, the influence of private organizations tries to recreate these traditional characters for the public and for the expatriates. It is awful. They do not know the value and customs of these traditions. For example, some of the holiday packages include these features in their bookings. For this, they reinstate some of the cultural festivals, folklores, and traditional acts like Kathakali and other prestigious acts. In order to this, the foreigners go the impractical idea regarding this.

On the other hand, all the cultural and traditional ceremonies closely related to several occasions and social gatherings. The professional actors and instrument players are taking part in so-called acts. Most of the traditional acts are seasonal. After completing seasonal acts only poverty is the balanced fact. Moreover, nowadays the adults and experienced players had no space for traditional acts.

Inclusion, it is mandatory to understand and believe in our culture and tradition. These traditional and cultural facets, we received from our ancestors. We must keep those values to our own advantage.

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