Talk About a Line that You Remember from A Poem or Song

Talk about a line that you remember from a poem or song

 You should say

  • What is it?
  • What poem is it from?
  • How did you know about it?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Line that You Remember from A Poem or Song

Poems or songs are quite powerful in expressing certain values and themes, and we can easily connect with them. I would like to discuss a poem which I learned in my childhood, and I’m surprised to see that it’s still popular even today. The poem’s name is Baba Black Sheep. It’s a very simple yet meaningful poem in which the sheep of different colors are asked by a person that do you have some wool? Then the sheets one after the other reply by saying yes I do have, some is for my master and some for my slave, and some more for a little boy who lives down the lane.

This actually touched my heart, that animals are also caring and they are as affectionate as humans. I was aware of this program when I was in kindergarten, and this poem has been my favorite since then. Because it shows how courteous and obedient animals also can be, I feel it’s imperative to include these kinds of worthful poems and stories in young pupils’ curriculum so that they learn the importance of good behavior, a sense of humor, and respecting others. In the future, I would definitely teach my children about these values.

Follow-ups Talk About a Line that You Remember from A Poem or Song.

Question 1 Are you good at memorizing things?

Answer –  Umm.. most certainly yes. If I concentrate well, I can remember for a longer time. It basically depends on my presence of mind and how focused I am on learning something. For example, even if a specific topic is highly complex and I really sit down and stay focused with courage, I would definitely remember it for a lifetime.

Question 2 Do you think children like the rhythm of songs or poems?

Answer – Definitely, I suppose most of the children like music, and they are huge fans of rhythmic songs and poems because they find it easy to hum, and if taught with actions, they would love to enjoy it, even more, I guess. A good example of this is my niece, she can watch the rhymes continuously for hours and hours, and she mesmerizes everyone with her cute moves and actions.

Question 3 Do you think it is easier for children to learn songs or poems than adults?

Answer – Reasonable Yes. Since children’s minds are free, they tend to pick up things very fast, and it’s a scientifically proven fact that toddlers grasp things better than children, and children can grasp things better than teens and teens better than adults. The more younger we are, the more ease we feel in terms of learning things. This is maybe because adults have a lot of distractions such as work pressure, family issues, so they find it a bit harder to learn anything new.

Question 4 What can people learn from songs or poems?

Answer – As I said before, meaningful songs and poems are good to learn about real values such as empathy, compassion, respect, care, love, family, and many more. However, in this modern world, there are few pop songs that may influence adolescents negatively due to the hype they create for crime, sexual abuse, etc. So I personally believe that as long as the poems/songs deliver good values, everyone can unquestionably learn something out of them.

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