Describe a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop

Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop; You should say

  • Who your friend is?
  • What habit does he/she have?
  • When you noticed this habit?
  • And explain why you want to develop this habit?

Sample Answer of Describe a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop

Habit is really a learned behaviour, and if it has a great impact on our health and surrounding people, we should nourish it. I have a friend, and name is Rahul; I have known him since my childhood because he has been residing in my residential for more than 30 years. Now he is preparing for his final year engineering exam. He has a great habit of drinking water of at least 3 litres. I still remember we both along together go to schools and always had an extra carry bag for foods only in that the water bottle is almost occupied the seats. Interestingly before we reach the school,, he will definitely complete the half bottle of it. My teachers always used to encourage us by pointing him in terms of drinking water. One day he cried and ran into the principles office when the drinker water machine temporarily shut down. I noticed this habit when he told me to carry his water luggage because it was too heavy then I started to understand the relevance of having it. Also,, he is always free of this routine infection, and I can literally spot his health and skin is glowing. Now I tried hard to drink almost 3lites of water per day, for reminding I installed some applications in my phone which help me keep me fit as well. Drinking water has plenty of advantages it’s actually cleansing our body, wherever the water is flowing through our body it’s cleansing each, and every organ makes them a good look and fresh start as like whole we are bathing the impurities which accumulated in our outer body will dissolve and eventually gone…as like we are bathing the inner-body with drinking water.

Follow-ups Describe a Habit Your Friend Has, and You Want to Develop.

Question 1:- What habits should children have?

Answer – In fact, childhood is the starting point of habit formation; I can tell children will have plenty of habits, for instance, biting the nails, playing in the soil, eating the soil and leaves, so on.

Question 2:- What should parents do to teach their children good habits?

Answer – Well, parents can teach you to sound their children at their elementary-age itself by teaching them about the good habits and making them do it. Parents can demonstrate our show themselves how brushing the teeth and how having the food because children’s are excellent in mimicking parents actions—moreover supervising them with their older siblings and showing some relevant entertainment movies which promoting the habit formation making them watch.

Question 3:- What influences do children with bad habits have on other children?

Answer – I would say children who were spending time with another child who displayed any sort of negative habits it has a 100 Percentage chance for copying that. It’s almost contagious, not interns of bad habits. Every action in between children will be copied by other children. Whether they know about the negative implications of this, but children will definitely copy out that.

Question 4:- Why do some habits change when people get older?

Answer – Getting older might make some restricted movements because yes actually getting older, so most of our random movements are not even possible so walking in the morning might be a turbulent task for some old people if they have any serious health conditions like arthritis even though if they were used to do…But increasing age will eventually reduce our habits.

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