You Were Advised by Your Doctor that You Need to Do More Physical Exercises

You were advised by your doctor that you need to do more physical exercises. Write a letter to your friend asking him to join you.

In your letter, you should tell:
– why do you want to do physical exercise
– what type of physical exercises you are planning to do
– why do you want your friend to join you

Dear Sam,

Hi dear, how are you all doing? It’s a long time since we mate. My parents are always asking for you. I am writing this letter to come along with me to the gym.

Actually, the reason for doing exercise is my obesity of mine. I am putting up my weight day by day—my family doctor advised me to control my fat. So I need to do some physical activity. You know that I am a lazy person. Without joining the gym, I can not do anything. If I pay money then I will go somewhere otherwise I will keep on sleeping at home. So I am thinking to fix my schedule for the gym for that I need your assistance.

I am aware that there will be an instructor to guide me, but for me, your Are the guideline. You had put off almost 10kg weight in a short period of time. So I only trust you. And if we are together, I know I can do that.
I hope you will give a positive reply to this letter.

I am waiting for your reply.

With love

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