Describe a Puzzle that You Solved

Describe a puzzle that you solved

  • What puzzle was it?
  • How long does it take to complete it?
  • Whether it was difficult or easy?
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Describe a Puzzle that You Solved

Well, I love to play games in my spare time and solving puzzles is my favourite one actually. It was about five years ago when I found a puzzle game on my Android Play Store for the first time. In the beginning, it seems to be very difficult for me to solve the puzzle, especially the one with 48 or 50 pieces.

But by practising, I became a pro. I can solve any puzzle within a given time now. The one which I remember was a picture puzzle of Monalisa with 80 plus shattered pieces. It took me two days to complete the puzzle. It was very challenging for me. Most of the time, I got demotivated and assumed that I wouldn’t be able to complete it ever.

All my efforts became fruitful when I finally solved it. I felt very proud of myself at the moment and promised myself that whatever challenge came my way, I would not lose hope, and I would do my best to compete.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Puzzle that You Solved

Question 1. What do people do online in their free time?

Answer- It depends most the people love to shop online during their spare time while some just scroll down the social media posts.

Question 2. What impact does the internet have on schools?

Answer- The Internet has its own pros and cons, as we all know. During school hours, it can be justifiable to use the internet to complete an assignment or project. But otherwise, it’s uncertain in schools.

Question 3. Do you think many people waste their time online?

Answer- Yes, in my opinion, scrolling down Facebook posts is a wastage of time. Despite that, you can utilise your time by learning through different online courses and also different handicrafts using Facebook, YouTube etc.

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