Describe a Time when You Talked to A Foreign Tourist Who Was Visiting Your Country

Describe a time when you talked to a foreign tourist visiting your country. You should say:-

  • When and where it was?
  • Why did you talk to this tourist?
  • What did you talk about?

Sample Answer 1: Describe a Time When You Talked to A Foreign Tourist Who Was Visiting Your Country

During the summer of 2019, right in the heart of the bustling streets of Delhi, I had a chance encounter with a foreign tourist. She was standing near the India Gate, seemingly puzzled by her map.

I approached her out of courtesy, sensing her confusion. She was from Sweden and had come to India for a month-long backpacking trip. Her name was Elsa, and she was trying to find her way to a nearby historic monument.

We discussed several topics – from the architectural beauty of Delhi’s monuments to the spicy and diverse Indian cuisine. She was keen on understanding the cultural significance of the places she visited, and I was more than happy to offer some insights. We talked about the Mughal Empire, the British Raj, and the history of Indian Independence, all while I helped her navigate the city.

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The conversation was enlightening for both of us, as I, too, learned about Sweden and its enchanting landscapes, particularly the Northern Lights, which she passionately described.

Sample Answer 2: Describe a Time When You Talked to A Foreign Tourist Who Was Visiting Your Country

I recall an instance in 2018 when I was hiking in the scenic trails of the Himalayas. Amidst the serene beauty of the mountains, I met Ben, a tourist from Australia.

Ben was struggling with the altitude and the thinning air, so I offered him water and local remedies to alleviate altitude sickness. This gesture opened up a conversation between us.

We talked about the majestic beauty of the Himalayas and how they’re a stark contrast to Australia’s beaches and deserts. Ben shared tales of surfing on the Gold Coast and his adventures in the Outback. In return, I provided insights into the spiritual significance of the Himalayas, explaining why so many pilgrims take arduous journeys in these mountains.

Our conversation bridged the geographical gap between our homelands, and by the end of the trek, we had formed a bond that only travellers could genuinely understand.

Sample Answer 3: Describe a Time When You Talked to A Foreign Tourist Who Was Visiting Your Country

A couple of years ago, while strolling through the vibrant streets of Mumbai’s Colaba market, I stumbled upon a tourist named Sophia from Italy. She was trying to communicate with a local vendor but faced a language barrier.

I stepped in to help translate and ensure she got a good deal on the handicrafts she was interested in. Grateful for the assistance, she invited me for a coffee at the nearby café.

Over coffee, we delved into discussions about our respective countries. Sophia spoke of the historic city of Rome, Venice’s canals, and Italy’s art. We drew parallels between Renaissance art and India’s rich tapestry of classical arts. I introduced her to the world of Bollywood, and she shared stories of Italian cinema.

It was a delightful exchange of cultures, and by the end, we had both expanded our horizons and understanding of each other’s worlds.

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