Describe a Time When You Watched a Live Sports Event

Describe a time when you watched a live sports event

  • When did it happen?
  • Where it took place?
  • Who you watched it with?
  • And explain how you felt about this experience?

Sports are emotional and special connections for abundant a layman. People are crazy about sports. Around the world, a host of sports are playing, some are traditional while some are famous at domestic levels.

I love to watch sports actions, sometimes I tend to watch reply of my favorite teams’ clash. Watching
sports On television is also my main preference because I can enjoy the action with my family members or relatives and friends as well.

However, 2 months ago I got the opportunity to watch live games today I would like to talk about that occasion.

If I am correct then it was the May months, hot summer days. I had vacation and I was bored by my regular routines. One day my cousin called me asked me to watch India vs Australia t20 match, he added that he won two tickets from the lucky draw. Suddenly I was ecstatic, haven’t watched a live match if it happens then it’s my maiden live event. I responded yes.

The match was in Indian mega-city Mumbai which is not too far away from my home, it’s just 259 KM away, as a result, we decided to go by car.

When we reached there I was astonished by the public and fans. The long cue was there for entrance. Iconic and historical Wankhede stadium has around 12 entrance doors if my memory is right. We waited roughly 45 minutes for verification and entry.

The experience of attending live sports games was memorable, whenever I think about it all image and memory portrait in my mind. People are shouting for when the ball hit the boundaries and goes for four as well as for wicket-taking delivery. For chasing score India needs four dozens run in the last couple of over and unfortunately, India lost that match.

Overall, it was evoking occasion for me.

Follow Up Questions of Describe a Time When You Watched a Live Sports Event

What is the most popular sporting event in your country?

The most famous sport is cricket in India. However, last few years a host of citizens like to watch football and it also becoming famous. Hockey is also demanding sports events.

Why are sporting events important?

Sports is the pride of national, it forges country name on worldwide. Sports is also emotions as well as people watch it as relaxation after exhausted by routine life and busy work schedule sports yield energy to them. So overall, sports events are paramount.

What sort of games and sports do you take part in?

I have taken part in many games, some are popular around the globe while some are famous in India.
When I was in 10th class, I was participating in kabaddi games and we are distinct level champions. I also part of our area’s cricket and volleyball team. I also play tennis with my neighbor at night on our terrace.

What kinds of sports facilities exist in your community?

Sports facilities are a rise in the past few years, people now understand sports importance. In our society, crickets and volleyball sports facilities mostly exist although other sports facilities are also on the list. For cricket ground and kit and for volleyball lights at night as well as the net is available.

Do men and women play the same kind of sports?

Without any doubt yes, we live in 21 st century and I believe that there are no differences between males and females but, for some sort of sports where physical strength is mandatory that is basically for man otherwise, females can play all kinds of games.

How do you think the government could encourage more people to exercise and participate in sport?

The bureaucrats can yield wisdom of advantages of sports and cons if we not participate and not doing exercises. Moreover, the authority can open camps regularly in different areas of territory. Via advertisement on the internet is also another way.

Do you prefer to watch sports events on TV at home or to watch them live? Why?

I like to watch it on television rather than live at the stadium because, at home, I can enjoy it with my family, friends or relatives while the live event place is noisy so people can be exhausted after few hours.

What are the benefits of sport or exercise?

Sports and exercise provide full-body cardio, it is also succored our body in many ways. For instance, for overcome obesity, is also the best way.

Does the ticket price to live sporting events affect decisions to attend?

I think yes, tickets of popular sports and especially some clash teams tickets are higher, location of sports event place and expenses of traveling is also considered the reason behind it so people avoid attending live. For instance, cricket match tickets are 8* than ordinary people’s daily wage.

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