Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.

Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.

You should say
Who he or she is?
What he or she is like?
How did you get in contact?
And explain how you felt about it?

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who he or she is?

Friends are the most important part of our lives and we all spend most of our daily routine with them. We can share many things that we can’t share with even our family members.

We find friends at all stages of our lives whether we are at school, college, or at work, we have friends all the time around us.

I’d like to talk about one of my school friend Anand, to whom I met when I was returning from a birthday ceremony

We study together for almost 7 years with each other then we have chosen different fields, as he chose to engineer and I got admission to commerce trade.

What he or she is like?

He is very tall in appearance; neither he’s so handsome and very helping in nature. He was very intelligent than me and the rest of my classmates.

He is not only intelligent in his family, but his elder and younger brothers both are intelligent like him.

They all are intelligent inherently, and the teaching status of there was an additional factor of their focus on studies.

How did you get in contact?

As I mentioned earlier, I was coming back to my house from the birthday ceremony of my nephew, I saw him in front of his house.

He told me that he has been shifted a year ago as they purchased a ground plus two floors building there in Lajpat Nagar.

When he saw me he calls my name very loudly Jai! He was talking to someone on the phone.

And explain how you felt about it?

When I saw in front of me I really got surprised and happy at the same time because we were meeting after such a long time almost 5 years I guess.

We stood there and talked for almost 2 hours and discussed various past events of our lives that were happened in the last 5 years and we also talked about other friends common that, who is doing what.

One shocking thing that he told me is about the death of his father, who was a nice gentleman and a very well-behaved person.

He told me that his family has searched for a girl for him for marriage and he got engaged with her and soon he is going to marry her.

Meeting with Anand is very exciting to me especially after such a long time, it really reminds me of the time of our studentship when we studied and played together.

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  1. The old friend whom I came to meet again is Raghav sharma.

    He was my collegemate, we both from the same place. He is one of my best friend. During college days If I need any kind of help he always there for me. He was the one who suggest me to do hotel management and later we both start working in the same company. He was always good in college practical exams. After that he moved to Australia for further study. He did his masters there and start working as a part time in a small airport cafe. Now he got Australian citizenship and working in one of the best restaurant over there. Last month he came to India as he was getting married and to my surprise he visit to my home and give me the invitation of his marriage. I was so glad with his gesture that he still remain the same raghav.

  2. ans1) I connected with Preet, who is a very old friend of mine. We met in the 6th grade. We went to the same school and to the same tuition.

    ans2) He is a very hardworking and responsible fellow, who helps others more than himself.

    ans3) We met again through instagram. We talked a lot as we haven’t talked in 4 years.

    ans4) It was a really great experience connecting with an old friend again, knowing how he was doing. We

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