More and More People Today Are Using Computers and Electronic Devices

More and more people today are using computers and electronic devices to access information. Therefore there is no longer any need to print books, magazines or newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Most people think that nowadays people are using computers and electronic gadgets in order to find any information so therefore there is no need for print books, magazines and newspapers. I completely agree with this line of thought. The discourse ahead will enunciate ideas in favour of my belief.

Firstly, it is true that technology is taking great pace in our life. More people are favoured of using electronic devices like mobile phones tablets in order to access the data they want to find because this is the easiest and fastest way to find the information, and they get the result in just a few seconds. On the other hand, it seems to be costly of using such high technology devices in order to find information. It is worth spending this amount in order to get information quickly and at an instant period of time.

Secondly, books, magazines and newspaper are losing their presence among the people because all these things are easily available online, so most people get the information directly online rather than spend time buying such books, magazines and newspapers. Once get everything online, and it is freely available no need to waste time buying the book, magazine and newspaper. It saves a lot of precious time for people. For example, we can watch live news, cricket matches and read e-newspaper, e-magazine and different types of e-books using this electronic gadget without any hassle.

To conclude, electronic devices and computers are widely used by most people because it is a very reliable and quick source of information.

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