Some Believe that Only People with More Years in A Company Must Get Promotions

Some believe that only people with more years in a company must get promotions. What is your opinion?

A few people argue that staff with more experience in the company are only suitable for promotion. I must opine that the statement is undoubtedly true. The experienced staff is far better qualified than any other new recruited employees. Experienced people must have a great deal of information and knowledge regarding the company since they have been working for years. Moreover, the work experience and expertise couldn’t be replaced with any other staff in the company.

Primarily, old workers with a lot of experience have a wide range of positive attributes that they can bring to their working environment. Generally, they have more working experience than those who are fresh employees. Therefore these old people have become the mentors who are responsible for nurturing, educating and inspiring the next generation in the corporation. In my experience, my uncle has more than 30 years of experience in one private firm, and he is always responsible for delivering the orientation of the company for the newcomers because he knows each and every corner of that organisation. For example, most multinational companies have experienced older workers who have dedicated their lives to the growth and prosperity of the company. Therefore senior employees are considered as the models for the youngsters to imitate

Secondly, the workers who have more experience might calculate and predict the upcoming storms in the company, which further contributes to the company taking adequate measurements to mitigate the problems. Apart from that, the senior workers would not get panic if the company faced any issue and also not transfer the panic into other employees. For example, in Almost every organisation, the company CEO definitely seek the opinion for any problems that the organisation encountered.

In conclusion,.some reckon that seniority is mandatory for company promotion. I deem that I absolutely stand with this statement as the work experience and expertise skills cannot be replaced with other than staffs, promoting senior employees will only enhance the company turn over.

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