Some People Believe that To Give Opportunities to The New Generation

Some people believe that to give opportunities to the new generation; companies should encourage high-level employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people consider giving opportunities to the new generation will encourage high-level employees of more than 55 years of age to retire while the rest discourage the given statement. I strongly agree with the former bunch of people.

In a world full of enormous companies, there are several new organisations that establish themselves daily while a lot also shut down their operation due to failures. New Entrepreneurs come with three basic motives, i.e. Survival, Profit and Growth. New Born Enterprises bring with them new ways of technology and techniques to increase their profitability. Firstly, their aim is to survive in the market and let their customers know about them, which involves a high degree of research and development, Sample data to discover what are the demands of today’s Consumers. This stage is also known as the equilibrium stage, which equalises cost and revenue. The second objective is to increase the sales turnover, which results in increased profitability. Lastly, when the required amount of profit is achieved, the surplus financial resources are invested in other businesses as the prospects of growth.

Employees who are more than 55 years of age find it hard to match their pace in the fast-paced environment. The younger generation has the zeal to work day and night and are considered to have boiling blood for the achievement of their goals. Since older people were also young once, they were proficient in doing work in their era. The modern techniques to work and get work done through employees have not only become a stressful job but requires a lot of motivation.

Much new software is developed for the working of employees; For instance, A financial company needs to keep all its records of transactions uploaded on software which can be only accessed by the people of the department. An elderly person may find it hard to remember the Heads and Subheads of a particular item to be recorded. New organisations will bring younger people the opportunity to work and give the economy a boom.

To sum up, the Young Generation will lead the companies once led by the elderly and bring an early retirement of the high-level employees. Top-level management uses traditional ways of doing business whereas the newer will bring along them the modern ways of working.

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