Some People Think that Travelling Abroad Is an Important Experience for Youngsters

Some people think that travelling abroad is an important experience for youngsters. Others think that involves too much time and expenses. Discuss both perspectives and give your opinion.

Some groups of people think that commuting to foreign countries is a significant exposure for youngsters while other people argue that it involves too much time and money. I partially agree with this line of thought. Ideas enunciated further in my discourse will support my point of view.

To embark with, travelling abroad is vital learning for the young adult because they are able to understand different cultures and languages of varied countries and also get to know the beauty of the places and varieties of the food. It will help young men and women to recognize the types of countries and to know the importance of the places and the history and structure of the building. One can also be able to perceive the rules and regulations set down by the higher authority and how people follow the rules and strict punishment those who do not follow the rules.

On the other hand, people think that it involves too much cost and precious time owing to the fact that cost of living in foreign countries are very expensive and also it requires having a lot of time because travelling for a long distance and journey is almost 10 -12 hours depending on the country you are commuting. Standard of living, food and clothing are very costly in these countries compared to our countries. They get the experience of different places and adventures activities that would be one of the great memorable times for them.

To conclude, if youngsters want to have exposure of the abroad then they need to spend a huge amount of money and a lot of time in order to travel to foreign countries.

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