Some Think that Governments Should Tax Unhealthy Foods to Encourage People to Eat Healthier

Some think that governments should tax unhealthy foods to encourage people to eat healthier. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Irrefutably, nowadays, health-related diseases are rapidly increasing due to unhealthy food and a lack of awareness towards a healthy diet. Some people believe that government authorities should impose a higher tax amount on junk food so that people can change their way of eating habits. The essay will shed light on the valid standpoint in the subsequent paragraph.

To begin with, people who belong to middle-class families have to know about their household expenses, and they also prefer only homemade and healthy food; meanwhile, people from poor backgrounds also don’t afford high priced junk food. However, this development will have no effect on the high-class people because the little bit increase in the tax is almost nothing in front of their need toward the junk food.

Creating awareness among people about junk food is also not a solution. This is because the majority of people who eat fast foods are already well educated and aware. For instance, according to the world health organisation, most of the employees eat junk food because they don’t have to tome to prepare some healthy food. Such people go with unhealthy food despite knowing its impact. Therefore, the government should focus on a healthy diet so which are easily accessible and affordable to everyone and everyone can enjoy it.

To conclude, imposing taxes on fast-food items only affect lowe income people. However, the government should take steps towards healthy food so all humans can stay fit and healthy.

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