Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

Talk about a piece of equipment you use at home. Please say

– What is it?

– When and where did you buy it?

– How often do you or your family members use it?

– And explain why you think it is useful.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

I am going to talk about an iron that l own. Why l will talk mainly about this piece is because l have owned more than ten different types of irons, so that makes it more important than any equipment in my home. I bought this recent one some two months ago in a local hypermarket. It is a very invaluable piece and at times when l want. To purchase a new one, l go on the internet to find if they are any stores that are offering durable brands at a lower price.

We use the iron on a daily basis to iron clothes or school uniforms; after laundry during the weekend, l have to spend long hours to make sure all the clothes look pristine before the beginning of another week. This has proven to be the most useful piece in my household, cause without which we would leave the house with unironed clothes. And just telling by the number of irons l have owned, l think it definitely explains how important it is caused l wouldn’t go to that length to acquire something l do not need.

Follow-ups Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home.

Question 1:- What other useful equipment do you have and use at home?

Answer – We have the stove, the refrigerator; those are some of the appliances we can’t do without. Because we need to make food every day and store some perishables like fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

Question 2:- Do you think the younger generation is more comfortable with modern equipment than older people? Why?

Answer – Definitely the young people are very up to date with all the latest inventions thanks to technology which has opened the eyes of many of the youth. Many of the old folks do not have time to surf the net, so they won’t know how to operate a lot of these appliances unless taught, and l believe growing up has its downsides like loss of coordination and poor vision, so it becomes difficult to operate many of these pieces nowadays many factories use automatic machines and equipment instead of manual labour.

Question 3:- Why do you think it is?

Answer – Well l think it reduces time spent on manufacturing and increases output, it also makes life easier for many of these workers as the heavier loads are now lifted by machines unlike in the past, For example, where you needed to move heavy boxes, a forklift now does the trick.

Question 4:- Do you believe that robots will replace people in the near future?

Answer – I do not think so; though a lot of modifications are happening to technology, robots won’t entirely take the place of humans. They are some jobs which will still. Require the presence or deduction of a human to carry out, like the job of a President, which requires the opinions of humans.

Question 5:- Where will people be replaced by robots completely, in your opinion?

Answer – I think jobs that do not require intelligence like lifting, cleaning, those which can be programmed and need to be routinely carried out; l think even house chores like washing, ironing and transporting children to school.

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