The Diagram Below Shows the Process for Recycling Plastic Bottles: AC Writing Task 1

The diagram below shows the process for recycling plastic bottles. summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram below shows the process for recycling plastic bottles

The process chart depicts information about the procedure of recycling plastic products. The procedure is in nine main sections.

As an overall assessment, it can be seen that this reversible process starts with putting plastic waste in the dustbin and ends with making new plastic products.

To comment with, waste plastic products thrown by the people in the dustbin. The second stage is the polythene Dump collected by the truck, and after that, it is sorted at the recycle centre. The shorting dump was compressing into the block and then crushed by the two big wheels.

To continue, crushed particles were was by water, moreover, through palate machine-made plastic pellet from small particles. After that, heating pellets to make some raw materials from it. In the last stage, made plastic containers and cloth by using raw materials. And again, bottles and other products throw in the dustbin by individuals and their process was again repeated.

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