Advertising Speaking Part 1 Questions and Answers

Advertising Speaking Part 1 Questions and Answers

Ques: Is there much advertising in your country?

Ans: Definitely Yes, there are ample of way to advertise so In my country they advertise on everything like they start printing products on billboards and even paste pamphlet on walls. As well as nowadays they start giving advertisements virtually on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube.

Ques: Where can we see advertisements?

Ans: We can see advertisements anywhere, First of all, we can see on our phones while using whenever we use any application some time we got ads between. On the other hand, when we go outside we can see billboards on the roadside as well as on pamphlets on walls. Even nowadays we can see ads on metro trains.

Ques: How do you feel about advertisements?

Ans: It totally depends upon ads like sometimes I saw those products which I do not even know that they exist and useable at that time I feel thankful for the advertisement because these advertisements make people aware of several products. On the other hand, sometimes they advertise that product which should be banned at that time I really feel depressed.

Ques: Do you like advertisements?

Ans: Well I do not like too much advertisement but sometimes these advertisements have proven beneficial for people. For instance, nowadays some people advertise about their business by pasting pamphlets on different places, which help individuals to get contact from there and get information about the product.

Ques: Do you like advertisements on TV?

Ans: Definitely Not, Because in a half hour they give almost 15 minutes of advertisement which spoil the whole mood of watching any serial, movie or series. Moreover, nowadays they start a separate channel where they play the same advertisement for 24*7 which is really irritating.

Ques: What do you think is the purpose of advertising?

Ans: There are ample reasons to advertise a product. First of all, they advertise new innovations and spread awareness about those products. Secondly, they want to increase the sale of the product. Last but not the least, This is the way to attract people to buy their product.

Ques: Do you think advertising plays a very important role in today’s world?

Ans: Definitely Yes, Because with the help of advertisement they spread knowledge about product and people came to know about how to use and procedure of that product. Sometimes people came to know about that product which they do not know about their existence.

Ques: Why do you think companies advertise themselves of their products?

Ans: Because they want to create a brand value in the market. Companies change products as per the time required but they stay remain with their name. companies want that people make their trust them so that in the future people just remember their company name while purchasing anything regarding their product.

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