Over Time as Children Grow Older the Relationship

Over time as children grow older the relationship they have with their parents changes. In your opinion, what role should parents have in their adult children’s lives? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Parents and children relations is the relation whose comparison cannot do with any other relation in this world. At every stage of life, it changes according to the understanding between parent and children. In this essay, I am going to explain what role should parent have to do in their grown-up kid’s life.

Adulthood is the stage where a person has to handle a lot of responsibilities and tackle cross ample of hurdles in their life. At such times, they need the support of their parents as parents have a lack of experience to manage diverse kinds of situations under pressure. In these situations, they badly need the guidance and the emotional support of their elders. With the help of parents, adults get to know what are the right criteria to opt for the right decision.

Needless to say, emotional support is the most desired form of help that every adult requires and none other than parents can support in their hard time. As in their adulthood when they try to make new relation they always need support to choose the right person for their life. To cite an example, Sometimes youngsters suffer from broken due to bad relationship in their life, to move on they always need moral support, in that situation parents should give them support and give them right direction in their life.

Moreover, parents should understand their children while they want to start their careers. Sometimes they impose some restrictions on their children. Due to which youngster are not able to explore themself. For instance, In their growing age children opt various things for their future but some parents force them to choose other option without getting knowledge about what they want to be in their future. Due to which they get misguide and did not achieve their goals.

Overall, with the growing age, every relation changes. As parent role also changes with time like In childhood they care for their children and ingrown age they become supporters emotionally and provide guidance in every stage of their life.

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