Although the Prices of Fuels Have Greatly Increased Over the Last Decade or Two

Although the prices of fuels have greatly increased over the last decade or two, it is argued that further increases in fuel prices are the only way to reduce world consumption of fuel and lessen pressure on the world’s fuel resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is debated that a hike in fuel prices is the only way to reduce the consumption of fuel from all over the globe and also lessen the pressure of fuel resources on the world’s, although the prices of fuels have increased greatly over the span of 15 to 20 years. I believe increment in the price of fuels is not the right way to control its consumption. This essay will further elaborate on its cons and what are the right ways to control this.

Due to modernization all over the globe, the consumption of fuel and its price took a hike in a parallel way result being the remaining resources are being limited and only well-established people can afford and those who are financially weak they have to compromise and suffer. For example, my neighbour, Mr Ashok he is a labour in a factory on daily wages, and he hardly earns to nurture his family, and he also owns his bike but is unable to use it because of high petrol price, couple of years back the petrol price was INR 50-55/litre, but now it reaches to 90 per litre hence poor people cannot afford.

Furthermore, in most of the country government run a campaign to educate the population on how to save fuel which further helps them financially. Such as in my country, the Indian government launched an advertisement in which they gave a message that whenever we stop at a red light and wait is more than 15 seconds then switch off the engine this will help them to save the fuel, moreover help the society to reduce the pollution from the vehicle.

All in all, an increase in fuel prices is not the only solution to control the consumption and maintain the resources instead of educating the population how and when to use them so that everyone can able to use these resources.

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