Some People Think Women Should Be Allowed to Join the Army

Some people think women should be allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force just like men. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer. Write at least 250 words.

In the contemporary world, women are performing good in every field. Even these days, they are trying for defence forces also, which has become a debatable issue among individuals. While some people assert that females should be given a chance to join the army, others oppose it. In my view, although ladies have patience and a right to serve their country, on the other hand, it is a dangerous job for them to opt.

An opportunity should be provided to women to prove their worth. To make it clear, females have proven themselves good at various professions, which were male-dominated in the past. For instance, Kiran Bedi has become an IAS officer and showed the world that women are capable of everything. Albeit, ladies, have more patience than gentlemen, which is a blessing for this job as this quality of their nature can reduce many conflicts among nations. Hence, they should be permitted to join the navy so that they can prove themselves over men.

On the other hand, it is an extremely dangerous duty for women to perform. As for this job, ladies need to work at borders, which are surrounded by dangers all the time. Moreover, females have to give birth to children for which they need pregnancy leave. And it is difficult to get into the defence field. So, females should be restricted to move into this profession.

To epitomize, women should be permitted to opt for defence forces as their career, but in some areas like only ground, duty should be given in case of the navy for their safety.

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