Children Today Play Very Violent Games. Writing Task 2

Children today play very violent games. This must be the reason for the increase in violence and crime in most major cities of the world. What are your opinions on this?

Nowadays, the rate of offences has significantly risen. Some people claim that the predominant cause for the escalation in trespasses and wrongdoing is the role of video games in a child’s life. In my opinion, mobile games are awfully affecting the behaviour and mental status of a child, which will be discussed in this essay.

Initially, it is an undeniable fact that teens are more interested in games that enhance their thrill and mood. First of all, this would accelerate the thought of defeating others in every field. Indeed, as a result of winnings in virtual settings, perhaps a conscious desire for the fight will arise. If they are playing for real, failures might exaggerate the insecurities among them. Secondly, while playing video games, they are losing their ability to face the reality of the world. As a result of this, a dilemma will arise, which further leads to violence. For instance, a recent study by WHO on adolescent health revealed that about 50% of teenagers are suffering from mental pressure and depression from video games addiction. Hence, it is obvious that virtual play avenues to a myriad of dangers.

Additionally, constant use of perilous games reduces the communication capacity of the child. Because, while playing games such as PubG and free-fire, they are only concentrating on them. This will subsequently exert a conflict between parents and kids. Not only aforementioned but also, such games are increasing the violent behaviour of young adults. Particularly they lack patience in their life that causes predicaments and rudeness among them. However, computer games crucially affect a child’s development.

In conclusion, albeit it provides entertainment for youngsters, it paves a way towards maladjustment in society as well as a high delinquency rate that may carve a sinful youth in future.

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