Contribution to the Economy of Turkey in 2000 and 2016

The two pie charts below show the percentages of industry sectors’ contribution to the economy of Turkey in 2000 and 2016. 

contribution to the economy of Turkey in 2000 and 2016Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample Answer of Contribution to the Economy of Turkey in 2000 and 2016

The couple of pie charts manifest the information regarding the contribution of distinct areas to the Turkish economy between 2000 and 2016.

Overall, the most striking feature is that the agriculture sector contributed the highest ratio of the economy of Turkey and construction was the least economic sector in it. In contrast, at the end of the period healthcare and education became the largest economic sector and the lowest contribution was made by financial, business, and other services.

As is presented in the pie charts, in 2000, agriculture made the largest contribution to the Turkish regarding the economy, almost a quarter. However, this figure was plummeted to just 14%, by 2016. The leisure, hospitality, and government sector’s investment economy ratio declined. The former went down from 17% to 14% and latter decreased from 12% to 9%. Interestingly, the contribution of healthcare and education had remained unchanged at 17%, throughout both given tenure. With regard to trade, utilities, and transport, which had a minor decrease from 16% to 14%, for contributions in the economy. In the case of construction services, the minority of contributions had had just like 3%, in 2000, whereas, it was increased threefold as compared to the first time period. Initially, merely 8% contribution was done by the manufacturing department and then it was inclined about 12% in 2016. Finance, business, and other service’s contribution were risen from 5% to 8%, in 2016.

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  1. Both pie charts provide information on the proportion of industry sectors ‘ contribution to the economy of Turkey in two different years in 2000 and 2016.

    overall according to the report In 2000 the rate of Agriculture was higher than for others. In 2016 agriculture was 10 percent of less according to 2000. The information about healthcare and education was equally in both years. The finance business and other parts of in three percent of were of increase in 2016 as well as to rose up in the same year. Every year statistics were to grow up and to decline in Turkey. There were not to fluctuate because of the economy. Summarise the other data in the government part were showing three percent of suddenly a peak of in 2000 but in the other parts of the show, the data rate was not equal. In both years some times were sharply high and sometimes slightly fell off. The other categories were much smaller percent of different based on that report however, in construction were very little statistics in 2000.

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