Describe a Conversation Topic You were Not Interested in

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in:

  • Who you talked with?
  • When you had the conversation?
  • What the topic was?
  • Explain why you were not interested?

Sample Answer of Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in

Well, I indulge myself in the conversation which I find quite interesting and imperative. However, there are some incidents when I got bored while having a conversation with others. Here I would like to talk about one such incident which happened a couple of months ago. Actually, it was my mother’s friend who invited her to a party. At my mother’s insistence, I got ready to go with her.

Moreover, I made up my mind to take my friend with me to the party but unfortunately, he did not pick my phone so I had to go alone. In addition to this, my mother at the party, introduce me to some of her friends. After having lunch, we all sat together. Furthermore, there were some senior citizens who started the topic of education level and end up with a long speech.                  Facebook IELTS-Fever

Undoubtedly, this conversation has its importance but I was really bored with the conversation because I was unfamiliar to everyone. I thought it would be rude if I walk away in between that conversation. Since all the members were grey-haired people except me. Finally, that conversation lasted for almost two hours and I felt irksome so, this was the topic of conversation in which I was not a bit fascinated.

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