Describe a Garden or Park you remember

Describe a garden or Park you remember

  • Where was it?
  • What it looked like?
  • What you did there?
  • And explain why you liked the Park?

Sample Answer of Describe a Garden or Park you remember

Well, I belong to small-town Karjan which is in Vadodara district and hear authorities provided us two to three gardens for public use but hear I would like to talk about the Flower garden which I have to remember when I visited Statue of Unity last year with my family members. It is about approx. 80 KM away from my hometown & it is the very popular garden of Statue Of Unity & tourist often visit this garden while they have chance to visit Statue of Unity.

It was a very interesting entrance decorated with colorful flowers & the security team greeted everyone at the entrance stage. I saw a number of colorful flowers & inside at the center area there was small water lake which has the attraction of the merrily singing birds. Moreover, we can do such other activities in the garden like getting information about all national & international flowers, walking, Jogging, relaxing with our family and at the west part, there is a small play area for children who can enjoy their leisure time in the Park.

We all family members get the information about all plants in the garden after that my little brother enjoyed in children area while I was sitting on the bench with my lovely wife & parents & gossips many things. I loved this Park as it was very informative, net and clean as well as there is no any charge for visiting the garden and moreover we have not to pay any parking charge.

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Question 1 . What is the importance of the garden in our life?

Answer – Garden is an essential part of human society. Because in the era of concrete world garden are the only places where we can get a glimpse of nature & mental peace we can use it for the multifarious purpose Like To get relax for the enjoying refreshing morning Etc. So it plays a critical role in our life.

Question 2. What do people do when they go to a public Garden?

Answer –People do numerous things in gardens, like walking, Jogging, Playing, Meditation. In fact, modern gardens are equipped with basic gym instruments. So people were also using it for bodybuilding also. Apart from that, gardens are also prime picnic spots for middle-class people.

Question 3. Do you think there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

Answer –No, I believe there is not sufficient public garden in our home tow. Basically, I lived in the small city Karajan which is located near Vadodara as our city came under rural area there is only one garden available in our hometown, but as in my home town majority of persons rely on Agriculture there are plenty of farms are available, so we never felt lack of garden.

Question 4. How do people of different age groups use public Gardens?

Answer –If we talk about the various age groups then children were mostly going to the garden for playing, Different of the sport was played by different age group of children. After that adult person uses the garden for jogging, doing exercise & hangout with friends. Then finally old ages people use the garden for the spend their retirement time with their near & dear ones.

Question 5. What age group normally visits parks?

Answer –In my point of view, Most of the parks are majorly visited by children. In today’s concrete world gardens are the only place where children can play without any hurdle because in society & on the road they always have a fear of an accident so they can not focus on their sport and ultimately it affects their performance.

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