Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Describe a Good Law in Your Country

You should say-

  • What is the law
  • How you came to know about this law
  • Whom does it affect
  • Why is it good

Sample 1 Describe a Good Law in Your Country

One of the most significant laws in India is the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), enacted in 2005. It is a comprehensive legislation that addresses domestic violence against women and provides them with legal and social support to seek justice.

I came to know about this law through various media reports, discussions with my friends and family, and my own research. The PWDVA has been widely discussed in the public domain and has been instrumental in creating awareness about domestic violence against women.

The PWDVA primarily affects women who face domestic violence and abuse from their spouses, live-in partners, or family members. It is a gender-sensitive law that recognizes the unique forms of violence that women face in their domestic lives and provides them with legal remedies and protection.

The PWDVA is a good law for several reasons. First, it recognizes domestic violence as a human rights violation and provides women with a legal framework to seek protection, support, and justice. Second, it provides a range of reliefs to women, such as protection orders, residence orders, and monetary compensation, to address the physical, emotional, and economic harms caused by domestic violence. Third, it aims to prevent domestic violence by providing for counseling and other support services to both the victim and the perpetrator.

Moreover, the PWDVA has been successful in creating awareness about domestic violence and breaking the silence around it. It has encouraged women to come forward and seek help, and has also sensitized the police, judiciary, and other service providers to the issue.

In conclusion, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act is a good law in India as it recognizes the gender-specific nature of domestic violence, provides women with legal and social support, and aims to prevent and address the issue. Its impact on the lives of women has been significant, and it has contributed to creating a more just and equitable society.

Follow ups of Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Question 1 Do You Believe this Law is Favorable to the Nation?

Answer –Yes, I believe that the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) is favorable to the nation. Domestic violence is a pervasive problem in India, and the PWDVA provides a much-needed legal framework to address the issue. By recognizing domestic violence as a human rights violation and providing women with legal remedies and protection, the law contributes to creating a more just and equitable society.

Question 2 Is There any Circumstance Wherein People May Violate the Law?

Answer –There may be circumstances where people feel compelled to violate the law, such as in cases of self-defense, protecting their property, or in response to unjust laws. However, violating the law is never justified and can lead to legal consequences, loss of reputation, and harm to oneself and others. It is important to seek legal advice and explore peaceful and lawful means to address grievances rather than resorting to unlawful actions.

Question 3 Do People Like Civil Servant Officers in Your Country?

Answer –In India, the perception of civil servant officers varies among the public. While some people admire and respect their dedication to public service, others criticize them for corruption, inefficiency, and lack of accountability. The bureaucracy has often been seen as a bureaucratic obstacle to development and progress. However, there are also many civil servant officers who work tirelessly to serve the nation and make a positive impact on society. Overall, the public opinion on civil servant officers is complex and nuanced.

Question 4 What Qualities should a Civil Servant Have?

Answer –A civil servant should possess several qualities to perform their duties effectively. Firstly, they should have a strong sense of public service and dedication to the welfare of citizens. They should be honest, transparent, and accountable in their actions. A civil servant should have good communication and problem-solving skills, and the ability to work under pressure. Moreover, they should be knowledgeable, professional, and capable of making informed decisions. Finally, a civil servant should have a commitment to learning and self-improvement to stay relevant and responsive to changing circumstances.

Question 5 Why do You Think Some People want to be a Lawyer?

Answer –There could be several reasons why someone might want to become a lawyer. For some, it could be a passion for justice and a desire to make a positive impact on society. Others may be drawn to the intellectual challenge of the profession and the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills to complex legal issues. Additionally, the potential for a lucrative career and the prestige associated with being a lawyer may also attract some individuals to the field. Ultimately, the motivations for pursuing a career in law are varied and depend on the individual.

Question 6 Should there be Strict Actions Against People Who Talk on the Phone While Driving?

Answer – Yes, there should be strict actions against people who talk on the phone while driving. It is a dangerous and irresponsible behavior that puts not only the driver but also other road users at risk. Studies have shown that distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents and fatalities on the roads. Therefore, enforcing strict penalties for using a mobile phone while driving can help deter this behavior and make our roads safer.

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