Describe a Person Who Always Solves a Problem in A Smart Way

Describe a person who always solves a problem in a smart way

  • What is it?
  • Whom would you like to teach?
  • Why did you choose this skill?
  • And explain why this skill is beneficial.

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who Always Solves a Problem in A Smart Way

In this contemporary era, solving a problem and tackling a problem in a smarter way is very necessary. Here I am going to describe a person who always tries to resolve my issue in a good way. Her name is Ashita Sharma. She was my classmate and also she is my best friend. I remember one day when I was in a big problem, and I didn’t know how to solve it.

Actually, I was selected for an interview round. Prior to that, I had given the test for an interview, and I got selected on the first attempt. The next round was an interview session, and I was getting worried because I had not given the interview earlier. Also, I felt daunting to speak in front of an interviewer and then she came to me to support and motivate me.

She also gave some of the tips regarding the interview, and after that, I felt a little bit confident. When an interviewer called my name, I gave an interview in a smarter way and got selected for the job. Apart from that, I also got an offer letter after 2-3 days. Really she is my backbone today itself, who always stand for me and provides necessary support to me. Without her, I think it would be difficult for me to clear an interview.

Today I am the head of the most reputed company because of her. Whenever I am in a difficult situation and not able to resolve that, I always try to call her to solve my issue. Then she always gives relevant ideas or sentiments to deal with problems. I am too happy to have her in my life. She is my blessing for an upcoming future. The endeavour she puts in, for me, I always appreciate her.

Follow-ups Describe a Person Who Always Solves a Problem in A Smart Way.

Question 1. Do you think children are born smart?

Answer – No, I don’t think so. They learn this after studying.

Question 2. How do children become smart at school?

Answer – Children become smart at school by talking with friends, teachers and seniors.

Question 3. Why are some people well rounded and others are only good at one thing?

Answer – Some people always want to spend time with themselves. They don’t want to entail much or gossip much with someone else. They think that it’s totally a waste of time. While others are well rounded, they always try to grasp all the things around us along with study in a very smarter way. They want to gain some talent. This can be achieved only to listen and talk with mates, teachers.

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