You Ride a Bicycle to Work, but There Is a Problem with The Parking

You ride a bicycle to work, but there is a problem with the parking. Write a letter to the manager of the Parking Management Company. In your letter, you should tell:

  • Why do you ride a bicycle to work
  • What the problem is with the parking
  • What your suggestions are.

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the need for a bicycle parking space at Al Falah Street.

I have recently changed my jobs, and my office is very close to my apartment. Therefore, I bought a cycle to commute to my office every day. This will not only save me fuel costs but will also have a positive effect on my health which I have ignored for the last three years.

Let me explain my situation in detail, most of my colleagues would like to use bicycles since our company flat is just close to our workplace. But the problem is that there is not enough space to park cycles. Although some area is allocated for cycles, the space is occupied by resident’s cars before 8 am, and the bicycle riders do not have another location to allocate their vehicle.

I would like you to flag this problem and suggest placing some signs in Al Falah street” Do not park cars on bicycles spot”. You can also arrange a parking company that can issue tickets to offenders or arrange a tow away.

I hope this issue will be resolved and in the future, there will be no problems with parking.

Yours faithfully,

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