Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard

Describe a piece of international news you have just recently heard

  • What is the news about?
  • Where and when you heard it?
  • What were you doing when you heard the news?
  • Explain how you felt about this piece of international news?

Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard

There is numerous news that I have read in recent times. But I would like to talk about a piece of recent news which I have read in the newspaper. It is the news that about the military cue by the army in Myanmar. In the past two months, the Myanmar government was taken down by the military. The military is more powerful in Myanmar. It is like they have taken the democratic government, which the people elected. The military feels that the government doesn’t have much power to handle the people and limit the army to kids power from Myanmar. And the new government was formed two months ago.

I came to know about this news by reading a newspaper reading a news daily activity as I was preparing for IELTS. I felt bad after reading this type of news. And it should not be encouraged any by anyone. The military took down the People’s Democratic rights. The military should not handle the people military is there just to obey the orders of the government. Recently, a few days back, 100 people of Myanmar were killed by their military when they protested against them. Many big countries like the USA, the UK, and some European countries have shown their concern about the country and had spoken against the military. And some Myanmar refugees are were coming to India and other surrounding countries for shelter, and they were protesting on the streets.

Follow-ups Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard

Question 1 What is your newspaper reading style?

Answer – Reading style of me, I have started reading a newspaper. For the past two months, I was preparing for isles; as I said earlier, I was preparing for isles; you know I was preparing for IELTS I need to remember some new words and new phrases. So I started reading the newspaper. The newspaper I read this The Hindu. As I read, it was just reading the newspaper in the morning after breakfast. If I see any difficult words or GSO, I will underline them. . In the evening, I will check the meaning on my phone or in any dictionary. And if there is any specific news. I will underline them or pull the newspaper in half so that I can read it again the next time,

Question 2 Do you think reading international news is important?

Answer – Reading international news is important. I felt bad news, that is, the attack on the White House in the USA. And then the news is, as I said earlier the news 100 people were killed in Myanmar by the military. The military should not take the government into its hands directly. They are to obey the orders from the government,

Question 3 News that you have described do you think will impact the world? If yes, then how?

Answer – yes, it will impact the world already many big countries have responded to this disheartening act by the army. I hope the government will take charge of the military and reform the government, country and eventually create a peaceful atmosphere in their country. And In the surrounding countries as well.

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