Nowadays the Differences Between Countries Are Becoming Less Evident

Nowadays, the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people follow the same media. Do the advantage of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, The world consumes the same information that is taken from the same media. I completely believe that this situation can bring more advantages than drawbacks.

It is true that the consumption of the same media will affect not only the habits of the people but also the country’s tradition will be vague. People around the world were drawn into internet surfing with social media, as most people use. Then, something that is popular in the world will be followed by people. For instance, we know that we use YouTube channel to produce some Vlog, this media is popular in the last decade and many public around the world be the vlogger to gain money on it. One person who succeeded in it will inspire others to do the same thing. Therefore, the way that people do the same thing will affect the substitution of tradition, culture, and behavior.

On the other hand, there are some advantages to introducing similar media around the world. Firstly, people can gain knowledge that is more accessible than before from the developing countries. The developed countries can be an image for developing countries as the information was shared into the same media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. For illustration, Japan is a well-known country which has a discipline, on-time schedule and hard worker. Then the tradition is published on YouTube, and many people around the world can imitate those traditions to be implemented in their country. Others example, people will be exposed to the information with English as International Language, and we love the same food as international’s do such as KFC, MCD, Starbuck.

In conclusion, although the difference among countries will be diminished due to the consumption of the same media, the countries can be more take benefits because they can grow together with no countries left behind.

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