Describe a Place You Visited That Has Been Affected by Pollution

Describe a Place You Visited That Has Been Affected by Pollution; You should say:

  • Where is it?
  • When you visited this place?
  • What kind of pollution do you saw there?
  • And explain how this place was affected?

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Visited That Has Been Affected by Pollution

Pollution has taken over many places in the world, which has badly affected living beings’ lives. Well, there are many places which I visited, but here I would like to talk about the beach of the Surat city Dumas. In 2015, it was the first time I visited Dumas beach. That was the first time I was vibing with nature, and I wanted to spend more time with it because I usually spend more time at home. After that, I decided to visit it once a year. So in the year 2016, it was the second time I visited that beach again, and for me, that second impression was the worst as the beach was full of dust and garbage. The air was totally polluted because of the nearby factory waste. At that time, I felt that human beings are really very cruel towards nature.

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Question 1. What kind of pollution are serious in your country?

Answer – In India, there are almost all kinds of pollution. Be it air, land, or noise pollution. Altogether, this pollution has led to drastic climate change in my country, due to which there is also a loss of biodiversity.

Question 2 What can individuals do to protect our environment?

Answer – Yes, some people in my country are concerned about the environment, mainly the young generation who are proving their hands to overcome this pollution by taking the initiative to clean the beaches

Question 3 Do you think individuals should be responsible for pollution?

Answer – Yes, absolutely each and every individual is responsible. I believe climate change is a major problem now that the whole world is facing. It has led to extreme weather conditions in different countries. To exemplify, sudden changes in the climate and an increase in the hot temperature. The root of all these problems is human beings.

Question 4 Why is there a need to involve the government in environmental protection?

Answer – Yes, when there is the involvement of environmental issues, it’s imperative to involve the government as it’s a major problem that requires a solution.

Question 5 Why do people throw waste material on roads?

Answer – People throw the waste on the road because of their minds, so they think it’s government property. Which doesn’t require the concerns.

Question 6 How can the government encourage people to keep their cities clean?

Answer – Government should impose rules to clean cities that are beneficial to the environment and individuals.

Question 7 what do you think is a good idea or bad idea to Establish limited factories in a city?

Answer – I think it’s not a solution to control the environmental issues. It indirectly affects the development of the country.

Question 8 Whenever you visit this place, do you throw litter On-Road?

Answer – No, I never throw any dust as it’s my habit to carry a bag for my garbage.

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