Describe a Problem You Had While Shopping Online or In a Store

Describe a problem you had while shopping online or in a store

  • When has it happened?
  • What did you buy?
  • What problem you had?
  • And explain how you felt about the experience.

Sample Answer of Describe a Problem You Had While Shopping Online or In a Store

Well, the trend of online shopping is popular among all ages. I bought many things such as shoes, bags, groceries and other products from different websites. In addition, all the experience is hauliers for me. However, today I would love to share a time when I confronted a problem regarding a stuffed piece of clothes that was non-other than a traditional suit. Moreover, I bought it from Amazon last year on my mother’s birthday.

Admittedly, I purchased a lot of things before that time and received good service, but last year I saw a suit which was made in silk and embroidered with small pieces of white stone and different colourful threads, which attracted me. Apart from it, when I witnessed the price of it, I felt dogs with two tails because it is 15000 rupees less rate on the website as compared to the street market.

As well as astonishingly I ordered it and I received it after 8 hours. In spite of it, when I opened the box, I felt disappointed due to bad service, and I started crying. After I called the customer care number, he gave me two options. First, all money can refund or something bought.

All in all, I refunded my payment and felt overwhelmed because I got the payment on the spot. That was the first time in my life when I faced difficulty regarding online shopping from Amazon. Along with it, I did not prefer online products.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Problem You Had While Shopping Online or In a Store

Question 1:- What kind of customer service do you think is good?

Answer – According to my perspective, all customer service is amiable for everyone, but it depends on the situation. Sometimes companies provide bad services due to price. For example, most websites show shoes with Adidas tags but, in reality, give shoes with Adidas tags at the lowest price, which can cause customers’ trust to decline in India.

Question 2:- What are the differences between shopping online and in-store?

Answer – Generally, there is a significant difference between online and street market shopping as websites are packed and made large, and miner piece induce that sometimes people do not feel confronted. However, it saves more time while receiving service instead of it ic masses like to buy products from market this can they can see visually and according to stuff paid amount. Another important factor is that the street market provides all types of services, as deprived people can buy from it. It has numerous benefits for the population.

Question 3:- What do you think customers should do when there are problems with products bought online?

Answer –¬†It is a controversial matter; people have alternative views on online shopping, but according to my point, most people face hazards related to the quality of things displayed original on screen. However, in reality, it is different. Despite this, sometimes, people are disappointed with the highest rates while shopping. To exemplify, in my nation, shopkeepers sell the same products at different prices, as the same suit sells for one thousand and three thousand. Galaxy smartphone.

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