Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People; You should say

  • What is it?
  • How did you learn it?
  • How can you teach others this skill?
  • And, How do you feel about this skill?

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

The skill I would like to teach to someone. Is swimming. Swimming is an essential skill for everyone; I have learned this skill from my best friend pavan, he is my friend since my bachelor’s. In the first year of my degree, my friend and I went swimming near by pond; I don’t know swimming. He taught me how to swim, and I practiced for one to two years. Later I mastered it. Now I can swim in any pool; another advantage of swimming is it is a practical exercise; it will burn calories. After learning to swim, I have lost some weight and become fit. I can teach other people in a small pool; I have already taught my sister some basics of how to swim; I feel elated after learning it from my friend because it helped in many ways; as I said earlier, it helped me to lose fat and become confident in life.

Follow-ups Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Question 1 Should Teachers Be Funny When They Teach Students?

Answer – The way of teaching is paramount to influence the students, and it should be a fun way so that children will attract more to the teacher.

Question 2 What Qualities Should an Ideal Teacher Have?

Answer – The qualities that teacher have is patience, humor. Teachers have to handle various kinds of children’s characters. With patience, they can handle any rebel child.

Question 3 Do You Think Are Most Important Academic Skills or Practical Skills?

Answer – I personally believe practical skills are important because there are high chances we can forget what we learned from books.

Question 4 What Is The Best Age For You To Start Learning Something?

Answer – For me, after the age of 18, after that age mind is matured a lot, can take decisions independently.

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