The Main Purpose of Public Libraries Is to Provide Books

The main purpose of public libraries is to provide books, and they should not waste their limited resources and space on providing expensive hi-tech media such as computer software, videos, and DVDs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In the 21st century, Public libraries provide computer software, DVDs, and videos to local people. Some individuals opine that this trend should be close as these are just covering space and utilizing resources. I completely disagree with the statement because these are also helpful for knowledge and save one’s time.

It is undeniable that libraries provide multifarious amenities to the local community. Although DVDs and videos need some space, sometimes the majority of individuals prefer to watch documentaries and biographies for a better understanding. In addition, Animation type DVDs give more information in less time to the uses, whereas books take more time to read and understand than video representation. For example, a survey conducted by Harvard University showed that more than one-third of students get more information by watching technology and science-related videos. As well as by using computer software, they get more access and comfort to know about a typical topic.

Another point to consider is that if local residence obtains almost everything related to their interest in one place, they could save their time and money of transportation. To be more precise, people who want to know about Roman history not only read books related to it but also can see it on television in their home, which really helps them to get the overall information about it. There will be no need to go to different stores to buy a DVD, as well as for the transport expenditure .for instance, In the united states, most public libraries provide different kinds of informational resources such as audiobooks, e-books copy, computer software, and graphic animated stories to local people, consequently, they do not have to go anywhere to know about the topic related to their interest.

To recapitulate, I believe that local libraries ought to provide DVDs, computer software, and videos to folks for better more compassion and better literacy which save their time as well as money.

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