Describe a Sportsperson Who Performed Well in an Event: Ielts Speaking Test

Describe a sportsperson who performed well in an event

  • Who the sportsman was?
  • What did he do?
  • What kinda sports?
  • how do you know him/her?

Sample Answer of Describe a Sportsperson Who Performed Well in an Event

I like sports a lot because it plays an important role in my life. Today I am going to talk about my sportsperson, who play incredibly well enough in the last match. Last Sunday I went to the cricket ground with my friend he has a match of cricket, and I am his supporter he is my best friend he played cricket well enough my sportsperson who motivates me in my life. Last Sunday, he was playing a cricket match, and it was a crucial time when his team needed 18 runs in an over and then he came to bat. Everyone thinks that the batting team lost the match, but I trusted him, and then he hit two sixes in a row. Now he needs only six runs in 4 balls, and he misses the two balls straight. Now everyone was on their feet, and in the very next ball, he hit another and sealed the match with a victory. It was really a terrific match, and I can proudly say that because my best friend his team won the match.

Follow-ups of Describe a Sportsperson Who Performed Well in an Event: Ielts Speaking Test

Question 1:- What kinds of exercises do Indian people like?

Answer- Most Indian people like Yoga, running, walking and cycling, and I think these are common exercises for every Indian and also it easy to do in the morning. I went to the park daily and saw some people doing these types of exercises every day.

Question 2:- What characteristics do you think an athlete should have?

Answer- An athlete has the discipline in his life and motivation towards his sports and also a positive mind. I think with these qualities, and any athlete can achieve his goals in life and do his best.

Question 3:- Why are there so few top athletes?

Answer- Because these types of qualities and motivation not everyone can have, that is why only a few athletes get the fame for they work hard in their life.

Question 4:- What’s the best way to become a top athlete?

Answer- As I mentioned earlier, to become a top athlete, they have to work hard as they can and never give up in their life. Like my friend he works also he plays cricket on the weekend he spends a lot of time on practice, so that is why he is a good athlete.

Question 5:- Do teenagers like exercising in your country?

Answer- I think the answer is 50/50. Some teenagers focus on their studies but also maintain their physical health too because they know exercise is also important for the body. My neighbour is just 17 years old, and he goes to the gym daily in the evening.

Question 6:- Do you think physical education is necessary Why?

Answer- I believe physical education is also important because it provides body energy and maintains good health, and nowadays when there are lots of diseases out there so everyone should maintain their physical health.

Question 7:- How do you think physical education classes affect children’s development?

Answer- I think it provides discipline in the children’s behaviour and encourages them to exercise. With this education, children’s development is good, and they understand the meaning of physical health.

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